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Kisso Japanese Restaurant

Kisso is also a Sushi restaurant Bangkok Diner's shouldn't ignore, as our fish is exceptionally fresh. Those who want to devour an boundless amount of raw Salmon, Tuna, Squid and other Seafood delights, our Sushi Buffet is sure to be the perfect feast for the best Japanese Dining experience for Bangkok locals and tourists alike.
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Crave authenticity at Kisso Japanese Restaurant

Kisso Japanese Restaurant is a must-try in Bangkok. Our sumptuous salmon dishes, Japanese bento set and sushi delights are sure to whet your appetite.
Dining at Kisso is the closest you come to a full-spectrum, Japanese restaurant experience in Bangkok. "To Everything A Season" is our guiding principle, and we live by our mission to serve authentic flavors that capture the essence of a Japanese winter, spring, summer and fall. Our Seasonal Menus and traditional dishes are meticulously prepared according to the availability of ingredients. Fresh from the ocean and farm, a large number of our offerings are imported from Japan several times a week.

A contemporary play on the classic "wabi-sabi" design school, our interiors are thoughtfully balanced with traditional and modern styles. When you add rustic wood doors, lustrous sliding panels and other era-appropriate décor, you get a Japanese fine-dining experience that few other restaurants in Bangkok can match.

Kisso Japanese Restaurant

Kisso was voted best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok and remains a favorite of Japanese expats. With an interior interior inspired by a wabi-sabi aesthetic, enjoy traditional and contemporary recipes that include sushi, bento boxes and other classic menu items.
Capitalize on closed-door lunches, dinners and other culturally-sensitive gatherings in Sukhumvit. Our four spacious, subtle dining rooms offer sliding doors for extra privacy. Choose from two Japanese-style rooms with 12 seats each, which can be connected into a single room for 24 guests, or two Western rooms with 10 seats each. Please note that reservations are recommended.

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Contemporary and modern, Kisso is an endearing Japanese restaurant that is surprising at every turn. Seamlessly combining traditional and non-traditional Japanese fare, there is something for everyone at this sophisticated yet casually comfortable restaurant.
To make a reservation, please call 02 207 8000 or email